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-Other art / Fan art

(Yes,it's a looooong journal, but if you skip some parts i'll take you wanted something quick and run away with it)

First of all, there are 2 artists, :iconblackenedkrono: and :iconkylestudios: ,who still owes me their part. However,i'm being patient and not saying a word to them,respecting them.

Anyways,it'd be nice for you to read this little comic first like if it was a little resume,but again, read the journal for Rules:…

I'm actually opening 3 slots, and ofcourse, there are rules, and a new rule,for NEWCOMERS / 1st Timers.

-New Rule: Since there has been 2 and a half failed attempts to see the other person's Sketch WIP,wasting my time with my part, here's the new rule. YOU,The person who wants to trade with me,YOU have to draw YOUR PART FIRST as a Sketch WIP (do not Ink nor colour/shades/final product). Once i see your Sketch WIP i'll ask you to fix or change things if required.. Once i see the fixed product,don't go any further than that until i start and get my Sketch WIP Done.

"Why are you doing this?". Simple!. People who has seen my part either didn't replied to my messages/Notes or did not do their sketch WIP/Part for me because "It was not what they've expected/were looking for" or "Grab the sketch and runaway with it". One clear example is :iconkatzefisch: ,who i did her part 100% completed once i've saw her Sketch WIP (Sadly she has removed it from her gallery to prevent hate against her ofcourse) but this person hasn't done it's part since my part got up (This is my part btw:… )

TL;DR: I won't do my Sketch WIP until YOU do and SHOW your Sketch WIP FIRST.

-If you're (or i) asks me for a trade BUT YOU (or i,again) are BUSY WITH MANY THINGS IRL OR ARTISTICALLY, then don't ask me to trade with me until you're done with your stuff first, then ask me. Else see the next rule

-WAITING. For god's sake, don't make me wait a month or two for a simple Trade.I've had cases of people who i had to wait months for their part to come (but completed it,ofcourse). Some of them have good reasons because they have their own business or a Job IRL, but if you don't have a reason then there's no excuse for telling me "Not yet, Wait, Tomorrow" etc... That'll make me suspect you're evading me and that's not good at all. I'm NOT asking you do to do it the very instant we agree to have a trade,i'm asking you to not delay it indefinitely. Else i might have to put you into the blacklist.

-IDEA AND DETAILS. Ofcourse, if you or me tooked the time to see each other's galleries,then you might have already got an idea of what you want me to draw,right?..But also think of the details. The point of view?, the action?,the pose?,possible Background?...Details Detaillllls!...The more the better. If you can't express it with words you can do a really simple basic anatomy posing with either Sticks or Anime anatomy (Shield, squares,etc..). That'll help me get a better view of what you're asking me to draw,making the drawing faster and easier.

-PATIENCE WITH ME: I'm not the fastest artist in the world,and i have my problems. That's all i ask (that goes for you,me having patience with you)

-QUALITY: The most important part. I don't trade with people who uses Pre-Done Bases,MSPaint  NOR RECOLOURS. I'll always see the other person's gallery first and i'll let them know if they can or not have a trade with me. Unless that person has a very well art/style,either Traditional or Digital,i might accept it,but again i'll have to check the gallery first and make sure the person's worth trading or not.

And most importantly. Equal Trading: If you can only do sketches,(no colours), my part will be a digital sketch too. Yours is Sketch yet coloured nicely?, Mine will be digitally FLAT COLOURED. Digital Flat colors?, same from me. Digital Colors with lights n shadows? Great!. Keep this in mind. Some friends have exceptions.

What i will draw:

-Inflation/Expansion (can be done in a "Self" way , with or without items)
-Humans (Though i suck at em a bit)
-Furries (My style or close to your character's style)

What i will NOT draw:


Some people i know or certain artists might post their art straight away without waiting for the other person, only if they're in a hurry but ofcourse completing the trade correctly. Also trust.

Well,here are the Slots:


To see their Sketch WIP/Final parts done:


Well, i'll be waiting. However,i can be also looking for people to trade with.
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i BONK people..
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