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EDIT: Trade List at the bottom

Here's a reminder of the "Rules",re-written from scratch

-Equal trading: I always do my art Digitally, so If both users does Digital Art, then both have to do it so. Some exceptions can be done with Traditional Art for users who can't draw digitally as long as they have a very acceptable Art Style. An Example would be something like…

Ofcourse, i can do Digital Sketches like…  as long, again,the other user has acceptable art. You wanna do inks or flat coloured (with inks) only?, let me know. But normally pics are done in full colour (shadows, lights if needed,etc..)

-Quality: Compare my art with yours.. Do they have a similar style?,then great!, but if it's pretty inferior (and i mean it) i might have to reject the trade. You've been warned, don't come complaining or begging later,an user already tried with 3 consecutive notes. Example:…

-Picture's Description/Details: You might have a very nice idea in mind and you might need to explain it in a long way. Then go ahead. Though it's RECOMMENDED to DRAW a SIMPLE Anatomy Reference with sticks or something like… or using other artists' art for reference. This helps A LOT to make me have a BETTER IDEA of what you want and WORK IT OUT BETTER. Expect this from me too, you've been warned, again...

-WIP (Work In Progress) and Pic Progression: This is the MOST IMPORTANT RULE OF THEM ALL . We both will start with a SKETCH of what each other asked to draw. Once the sketch is half way there or semi-completed (like,little details left for the last), we'll ask each other to see our sketched pics to see if there's anything to change in the pics (a smile, a look, a point of view, Anything), to make sure that the final product comes out as we desired. Once it's fixed, we'll show the new revision to each other until it's finally decided. Once decided, we'll go to the next step, INKING, and then we'll show the inked pic again to see the output.. If done correctly, we can directly go to the colouring (and shades if asked) of the pic, showing the final product before posting it on DA/FA, with a happy ending ;D.

-Shame/Troll List: Some users have been running away from an art trade while they were doing it,even after showing a WIP Sketch,or just expecting the other person to show atleast their Sketch to grab it then modify it their own style/way and claim it as it's own art. Well congratulations to those, but things have changed and if you do run away from an Art Trade from the reasons mentioned before, you'll be in my Shame/Troll List, with your icon in it, to show the people who watches me the people who shouldn't try to contact with if they don't wanna end up with. There won't be any hate posted next to the icon but i'll write down what you've did to me.

What i will draw:

-Inflation/Expansion (can be done in a "Self" way , with or without items)
-Humans (Though i suck at em a bit)
-Furries (My style or close to your character's style)

What i will NOT draw:


Some people i know or certain artists might post their art straight away without waiting for the other person, only if they're in a hurry but ofcourse completing the trade correctly. Also trust.

More revisions of this journal to come when needed or if something happens.


- :iconmemoski: - Cactus casting a cat in a Persona style (Semi-done, waiting for the other person's part and approval of my part)
- :iconblackenedkrono: - Sorcerer being inflated (specific parts) by a special apple (Sketched. Waiting for other person's WIP Sketch)
- :iconcjshadorunner: - To be confirmed
- :iconblazedriver: - To be confirmed
- :iconazzyfox: - To be confirmed
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i BONK people..
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