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Submitted on
February 5


(First of all, this is NOT a Hate journal...I am just explaining what happened to me with someone who was open for trades and denied me because i was being "complex")

There's this guy who recently got open for Art Trades... I've read his rules in his journal (The 6th rule of 7 wasn't there until he decided to change it by the reason you'll see below)

I followed his 6 step rules (Again,except the newly added 6th rule, making a total of 7) and dropped him a note asking if we could trade because i was going to follow his rules till the end...He said "I'd love to^^" (I REPEAT: "I'd love to^^" ,because it sounded like he liked my art or something unknown that'll remain unknown forever)

Then i wrote a very detailed description about what i'd want,with small explanations... Also mentioning posings and stuff,with some already drawn pictures/references to make him understand the situation better..

After spending nearly 10 minutes, thinking,writting things better and making sure i didn't forgot a thing, i sent the hour or 2 later,he reads it and says that what i wrote was "Too complex" and that he wanted to have "Freedom to do what he wanted"...

I told him,in short,if he could just draw what i asked,in a simple "Just draw -character-" without a background...I even drew him a quickie reference for the body anatomy as a last resort for him (sheesh,as if that wasn't that hard to do/follow). He denied it,for the 2nd time... He said Sorry here n there and maybe next time... I just told him that Thanks and also that he should add the now mentioned "6th of 7" Rule in the journal above..."Not being a Nazi Level in Detail"...Good lord,i think i didn't wrote in "l33t sk33lz"...ofcourse i didn't!,but in this case he's saying that he doesn't wants complex stuff but simply saying the thing i said before....--> "Draw this character!" and that's it,so he draws it the way he wanted.

What did he trully wrote in return?..The following:
"Um, okay, wow. That's not necessary. Now I'm pissed.

You wanted me to draw something you specified 100% to PERFECTION in your description. I am NOT a photocopier, I am NOT a printer, and that is NOT what I do. You wanted me to seriously spit something out 100% detailed the way you wanted it and that's not what I do, even for commissioners. What you wanted was RIDICULOUS. It was TEDIOUS.

I TOLD YOU I wanted something SIMPLE and you REFUSED to be considerate of that. Instead of COMPROMISING and MODIFYING your idea, you just kept PUSHING it.

Then on TOP of that you decide to be SUPER RUDE about it and try to GUILT TRIP ME.

So NOW there won't BE a next time, for you. Everyone ELSE has been super reasonable and POLITE. Maybe you should take their lead.

I no longer have any desire to trade with you. Not now, and not in the future. You're rude, you're bratty, and you're extremely inconsiderate.

Blocked as well. I don't desire to communicate with you if you're going to throw another tantrum. :) (Smile) Have a nice day.


Let's analyze this....How can you be pissed for something like an Art Trade?..It's simply an Art Trade...Yet i write this to let people know how this situation went.

If this is something you DON'T DO then SAY IT FIRST in your FIRST Journal and NOT LATER WITH AN EDIT!, that way people will think more carefully!...What i wanted was "Ridiculous"?...Drawing one of my characters all puffed up with a typical pose is ridiculous, when you did it so many times in your gallery?.. drawing my character puffy is NOT Simple for you?..Really?..Even after showing you a simmmmple reference drawn by me?...Sure, that might sound like a photocopy/printer, but it "that hard" to do...?,something simple to draw?

I haven't been rude to you at any time btw, i'm not that kind of person..Nor you Nor ANYONE. Guilt Trip?..Again, not that kind of person..but one tiny thing for sure, Time Waste and ruining all my hopes AFTER YOU SAID YOU'D LOVE TO HAVE A TRADE WITH ME is the worst thing someone could do to anyone...That TRULY HURTS SOMEONE'S FEELINGS!

My writting wasn't polite enough?...SAY IT THEN!,say "Can you resume me that,please?" in a nice way,NOT "I'm  sorry, you had your first and only chance, kthxbye"

Giving people a second chance would've been the correct way instead of grabbing a Block bullet if whatever the other person wrote wasn't good enough or you just didn't liked because of it's contents and shoot it and forget about that person forever...This is not how things goes..Not at all.

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dwarfpriest Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow. That's some pissy stuff from the guy. "Not being a detail nazy"? Wow. Just wow. And accusing you of being rude. Hah! That was the cherry on top. I'm sorry you had to deal with morons.
dantiscus Featured By Owner Feb 6, 2014  Hobbyist
's ok, the reference i've sent to him will be used to draw a new inflated Angela pic :P
ToferTheAkita Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I would like to know who this guy is as well, I'm betting it was Virus-20...:no:
dantiscus Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist
No, it's not V20 at all..And i can't mention it here
Chocolatechilla Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014   General Artist
"How can you be pissed for something like an Art Trade?..It's simply an Art Trade"

Um... that could be applied to yourself too, dont'cha think?
dantiscus Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist
Well, i just explained the situation.. I'm not mad about this, with all honesty. If i had become mad, it'd just hurt me and not him and nothing good would come out

I've been nice and sincere,and i get that back..Well, i just skip this dark page and write a new step in my life, a green,natural page ^^

I Repeat, i'm not mad,i'm walking my life normally once again, my dear Chilla :hug:
InflatableRooKarroo9 Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Student Digital Artist
Uh, who was it though?
dantiscus Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist
Can't mention it here,sorry
z0rgy Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014
:o do less trades with strangers, problem solved!
or find people with not many views or who just started. they're usually nicer and eager to make friends. or simply agree on each other parts before doing a trade?
dantiscus Featured By Owner Feb 5, 2014  Hobbyist
Most probably is because his art quality was higher than mine and wanted to make me expect to have high hopes to get a pic from him after i draw him something with my quality, then turn me down like that...Instead of making what he did, he could just simply said "No,i'm sorry" like his Step 7 in his journal and that's it!...He mentioned that, and he didn't followed his own rule.

Now i have 5 people to trade with...2 of them completed, 1 i am waiting for it's part to be completed (coz mine's finished and the other person shown it's progress), and 2 are WIPs (1 of them for approval with the other person,who just needs to fix something from it's part (And he's been KIND) and the second person i've done my WIP but the other person didn't do nothing yet because he's busy with commissions (yet i hope he doesn't takes months ^^; ..i can understand if that person also has family stuff or job or whatever things to do)

We, the other persno and me, always do plans and settle things before starting the sketch to make sure everything goes correctly...and if there's something wrong in the WIP SKetch,just say nicely to fix stuff and i will (and so the other person should do too)..and everyone's happy!.. I had this last thing, the WIP Sketch and fixes, with the 4th of 5 trader and nothing wrong happened!..

Nobody should get their hopes up whenever someone's open for trades and is much better than you at art...but the latest artists who agreed to trade with me in January had no complaints and they're  really,REALLY NICE and they didn't got mad at any moment...Why?,because i RESPECTED THEM AND THEIR RULES.
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